Monday, April 20, 2009


Talking Back

Teens these days represent themselves in many ways. This website that i have been looking over has youth media all over the site! It is a great way for the youth today to express themselves and a way to "TALK BACK". Kids have a lot to say when they have the chance to express themselves. I watched some videos, and they were great. some of the videos were ones that adluts would make, i feel. I watched one video that was called "Blinde Date" and it was a boy who was blind who was a real jerk and was taking this girl out on a date, he was mean to her parents and when they go to the movie theater, she left. At first I thought it was making fun on the Blind, when in actuality, it was stating that people are people, blind, deaf, black, white, or purple(lol). He was a real jerk and thats why the girl left him.
People in today's society really put down teenagers, saying they are dumb and silly and dark and immature, thoughout the course, and the readinds we have done, i have come to realize that teens are normal people and everyone is going to be, is, or was a teenager at one point in their lives. Teens can express themselves through the media and use this access to show what they are really doing in life and how they think. Every single teen in different.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Final Project Outline

Cliques and Subgroups (accourding to music influences)
Lauren Geraghty and Claire Petersen

1. Opening with a breif clip (mean girls cafeteria scene)


a. Hippies

b.Punk Rockers

c. Hip Hop

d. Pop

3. connections to class literature: Prep, Trisha Rose, Hine, Facebook and Myspace piece

4. Pictures of teens and what they look like, how they act, what are they really listening to?

5. Why do they conform? attitudes toward life due to influences from music.

6. Handout-Trivia on who's who and why teens are conforming into these music influenced groups

We are going to focus on 4 groups:

Hippies: Hemp, pot/drugs, laid back attitude, peace

Punk Rockers: Tattoos, Dark/Black, angry, emo

Hip Hop: Money, Alcohol, women/sex

Pop: Angelic, virginity, preppy/pink, purity

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


In the Jenkins piece, there is a discussion about myspace and facebook and why it is important. Myspace and facebook are online social networks where individuals create profiles and link to other "friends" sharing their interests, identity and tastes. There are photos that are uploaded and people can view these photos if they are "friends" there are numerous communication tools, people can communicate via messages, writing on walls or commenting on status or pictures. The controversy is that these portals put youths at risk of sexual pretators and pedophiles. Teens are representing themselves through these portals as sex fiends and there is aspects of drug use and alcohol use when they are not legal. it has become grounds of much controversy!

Check this video out guys! it is great, wicked funny! relates perfectly to the facebook issue...

The other article, about the Horrace Mann Issue, isputting teachers jobs at risk over teens giving them a bad rap on the online social networks like facebook and myspace. In one issue, students made fun of a woman's issue group making up a fake group "men's issues group" stating that women belong in the kitchen. Students all over the world are feeding into the online social networking hype and i can say that i do use facebook, and have seen some of the bad things that it can do to distort your brain, and when teens are growing, it is easy for them to feed into certian things, facebook and myspace are not going to change, but could potentially cahnge the youth of america as we know it!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Teenagers in the News. . .

"Explicit Cellphone Photos Could Land Teenagers in Prison"

By: Riva Richmond

We have talked about teenagers being digital natives, and what teenager these days is without a cellphone in hand. In this article, Richmond states, "One in five teenagers may be child pornographers risking life in prison — for the crime of taking and distributing naked pictures of themselves." I thought SICK! i mean when i was 13 or 14 years old, i was not about taking naked pictures of me or my friends, but now with teh invovement of sex all over the mainstream media, teens are becoming more and more risky with the ways that they are using the media that they have. It is called "sexting" an incident went teribly wrong when a boy in upper state NY took a picture of himself and sent it to a girl who then sent it and it eventually reached 300 kids. The problem is the media and cell phone and digital cameras mixing with the mass medias influence of sex on young children.

"Murders by Black Teenagers Rise, Bucking a Trend"

By: Erick Eckholm

"The murder rate among black teenagers has climbed since 2000 even as murders by young whites have scarcely grown or declined in some places, according to a new report. " Whe3n reading this article it was hard not to stereotype, because people are still so racist in our society, yet the statistics were scary. The main racial difference involves juveniles ages 14 to 17. In 2000, 539 white and 851 black juveniles committed murder, according to an analysis of federal data by the authors. In 2007, the number for whites, 547, had barely changed, while that for blacks was 1,142, up 34 percent. The numbers are outstading and some of this has to do with what is being shouwn on the news and on the shows and video games, but others has to do with how people are brought up and what they are forming into, all in all it is a scary subject and something must be done!

"The Lives of Teenagers Now: Open Blogs, Not Locked Diaries"

By: Tom Zeller

This article i read in teh New York Times was not all bad, like the other 2 i read, THis article simply was stating that teens are becoming more and more atuned to making digital masterpieces. People who have studied graphic and making digital art are getting a run for their money. A teen, Mellissa, made a digital slideshow about her father that passed away on her own website with pictures and music and it was all for free. Teens have such an access to online art that they are making wonderful things out of what they are given. According to the Pew survey, 57 percent of all teenagers between 12 and 17 who are active online - about 12 million - create digital content, from building Web pages to sharing original artwork, photos and stories to remixing content found elsewhere on the Web. Some 20 percent publish their own Web logs. Myspace and Facebook are changing the way teens live their lives and they are becoming less social in person and more social through the internet.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Lauren Greenfield's website was great! It was easy to navigate, and the pictures were a great representation of teens today. The whole "getting older younger" idea that sticks out to her is one statement that is most definitly portrayed through the pictures in her book. After photographing my 13 year old cousin, i have come to the same type of realization. Talking to her made it seem as though she was up to my age. When i was 13, i was not talking about getting my hair colored or reading confessions of a shopaholic. Thats what i am doing now at 22. The Artist statement by Lauren Greenfield showed the reader exactly what she was thinking and why she went about her projects. I was shocked my some of the pictures, especially the one with the girl weighing herself infront of her friends and parents, she was real skinny, and it was shocking to see. Also the girls huffing in the bathroom was shocking. All in all, those pictures tell a huge STORY about what is happening/happened to the YOUTH.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


After reading the first two chapters of prep, i came to realize that this novel is following certian problems that arise in young awkward teenagers as they are faced with these problems everyday. I follows Lee, a Freshman at Ault School. This school is a boarding school. The problems she ran into were problems that most teens face everyday. The begining where she did the wrong presentation reminded me of one time in hihg school when i thought i was supossed to present on thursday, when in actuality it was on tuesday, i did not do a good job, and had no visual aides! It made me want to do what Lee did when she ran out of the classroom. She faces problems of sexual orientaion, tattle telling on people, first crush, and many other problems just in the first chapter, it made me want to keep reading to see what else happens to Lee. Its almost like a guilty pleasure in a way as she runs into these problems, you want to feel bad for her, then realize that you can just relate these problems to some of the problems you had when you were a child. I think that this book relates to ourclass emensly as it is how teenagers evolve and grow through the life of a young girl. It was not confusing, just some of the book seemed to be dragged out, like when the author descibed certian shing sin depth, (ie. the bathroom floor, or the yearbook) however i felt as though that may have helped ion understanding how this girls mind is functioning. It almost seemed at times she was psychotic, but thats just how some teenage minds think!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tricia Rose Interviews

I was very interested in what Tricia Rose, a Professor at Brown University had to say about the "hip hop wars" She stated in the interview i listened to that Roxanne Shonte broke female rap. I agree with when she said women have to do extra work to fit into the rap genre. It is hard for women to be respected when they are seen as such sex symbols in that genre of music. Either way they have to have a relationship to sexuality with female rappers, one either has to be hyper sexual (lil' kim) or hyper tough (missy elliot) to become successfull as a recording mc. The article read was a different focus it was more towards why certian rappers are more famous thatn others and why it is dying out, and why people like jay-z have admited to dumbing down their music for mainstream hip hop. I personally dont understand why that is nessesary for rappers to dumb down their music. I work at a bar that on saturday nights does an underground hip hop thing on saturday nights, The Dj's (roe and al bumz) are amazing and have such a big following and there music is so interesting and intricate. I listen to the crap that is on the radio and wonder why these guys are in a back room at a bar in providence, and people like lil' wayne and 50 cent are rich and famous. The female rappers need to be sexual to be heard and at that i dont even feel like they are respected at all. This reminds me of those ads we were watching for the super bowl. The females were sexual and they got noticed, these female mc's are just as good as the men that are on the radio now, so why must they look like lil' kim? I am not a huge fan of the rap genre, but i do have some respect for the people who dont sell themselves out to the media. gross.